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Why buy a New Zealand Wheelbarrow?  

New Zealand Wheelbarrows is the most progressive innovative and passionate wheelbarrow company in New Zealand.

We have developed the wheelbarrows most suited to the New Zealand Market; we excel in making the highest quality, uncompromised wheelbarrows for the best prices. We e have the best wheelbarrow range, all developed with an uncompromised focus on quality and practicality. Our wheelbarrows have features that are absolutely unmatched, possibly even unmatched globally.

Our range is always improving and evolving. Innovation, quality, and practicality drive us. Our new steel and plastic trays, leg designs, and "No-Sweat" handgrips are very recent testimony to this mandate.

Our range also includes the acknowledged Kelso brand, and it includes the new practical electric 'Power Barrow' developed by our YardLab programme. The Power Barrow featured on TV3's hit show "The Block".

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