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All plastic trays are definitely not equal

New Zealand Wheelbarrows has developed a quantitative test that can be used to compare trays for impact. We drop a 4kg shot put into the middle of the tray and measure the greatest drop that does not break the tray. The quality factor is the product of the height in metres multiplied by the shot put weight.

Some plastic trays crack under impact, BUT NOT OURS!

Recycled material in the plastic is good for the environment where used appropriately. In wheelbarrow trays recycled material makes the tray brittle, meaning it cracks more easily, so it fails the sustainability test of products giving long-life service.

New Zealand Wheelbarrows specifies its plastic compositions carefully to balance serviceability, sustainability, and economy to bring you great wheelbarrows. Roto-moulded LDPE (low-density polyethylene) trays are the most impact resistant. Followed closely by blow moulded PE plastic, then injection moulded PE plastic. Finally PP (polypropylene) plastic offers the least impact resistance.

We urge you to consider the impact rating when choosing a plastic tray wheelbarrow. Buying a wheelbarrow guaranteed to give you many years’ service will save you money and keep waste out of the landfill.

Watch the droptest on a NZ Wheelbarrow Tradesman tray – 5m drop with 5kg shot-put:


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