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About us

New Zealand Wheelbarrows is the most progressive and innovative wheelbarrow business in New Zealand. Our wheelbarrows are not only practical, but they are imbued with quality materials and Kiwi practicality. This makes choosing a New Zealand Wheelbarrows wheelbarrow a safe choice.

We specialise in wheelbarrows. Our range of wheelbarrows suits the spectrum of applications in New Zealand. We strive tirelessly to make the best practical and affordable wheelbarrows. Our wheelbarrows share a common trait with our people and service: we are both indefatigable*!

*Indefatigable - Webster Dictionary in·de·fat·i·ga·ble. adjective \ˌin-di-ˈfa-ti-gə-bəl\. : able to work or continue for a very long time without becoming tired.

Innovation, quality, and practicality are hallmarks of each and every wheelbarrow we produce. Whether it is the low-priced, fantastic-value Parker, or our flagship premium trade/professional quality wheelbarrow, the Tradesman, each is the very best in its class and will give reliable service.

The Parker exemplifies everything we represent, low cost with outstanding good value. It has strength, durability, practicality, simplicity and precision. It feels so light and strong it is a delight to use. Give the wheel a shake and feel how firm it is, then spin it and marvel how smoothly, quietly and freely it spins. The Parker earns the appreciation of every owner and we are proud to present it through our distributors.

We rave about our lowliest wheelbarrow, and we are equally passionate about each and every other wheelbarrow in our range. They all have a special reason for being. We support them all with great service and spare parts . . . in the unlikely event they will be needed!

And don’t forget the amazing and very practical electric e-barrow developed by our YardLab programme and based on the Tradesman wheelbarrow. The e-barrow featured on TV3’s hit show “The Block”. Far from being a gimmick, this is a serious workhorse with a rapidly growing enthusiastic customer base.

The publisher William Feather said: “Business is like a wheelbarrow; it stands still until someone pushes it.” We look forward to helping you push your new wheelbarrow.


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