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The premium wheelbarrow for construction

  • 100 litre bolt-free galvanised steel, painted pourer tray
  • 160kg load capacity
  • Large tray for loads and material
  • Extra heavy duty construction
  • Steel wheel and tough tyre
  • Hot-dip galvanised protection
  • Supplied assembled
  • 25kg in weight, when empty

Tradesman Metal XLXP

All the benefits of the Tradesman Metal XL wheelbarrow, but with a puncture-proof wheel.



The Tradesman Metal XLis a premium metal wheelbarrow for the construction industry.

  • It is designed for rough work in demanding construction conditions.
  • It is ideal for mixing, transporting and placing concrete; carrying construction materials and tools; and it makes a comfortable seat!
  • The Tradesman’s low centre of gravity when carrying large loads gives the wheelbarrow stability and good balance, earning it top marks for agility and productivity.
  • It is a premium trade quality wheelbarrow with great handling.
  • It rides on a wide puncture-resistant wheel and stands on our hot-dip galvanised frame and legs.

If a wheelbarrow can have aptitude, style and good looks, this is it.



Ideal for resisting impacts and sharp, heavy, bulky and abrasive loads.

  • 100 litre, 160kg capacity.
  • 1.2mm thick, hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • The tray is galvanised and then painted safety yellow for durability and high visibility on construction sites.
  • The thick, tough tray has a big, flat, bolt-free base for stacking materials.
  • The cantilevered, focused, jug-like pourer spout makes light work of placing concrete.
  • The wide tray base means you can carry ten or more concrete blocks safely.
  • Reinforced rim.
  • The shape and position of the tray makes light work of heavy loads.
  • Mounted on the rugged Tradesman chassis.


Very strong and stable.

  • Heavy duty hot-dip galvanised frame.
  • Hot-dip galvanised legs, braces, nuts and bolts.
  • 25mm diameter axle.
  • The handgrips are a unique non-slip design. Even in wet and greasy conditions your grip is uncompromised.


Simply put, we think this is the ultimate steel rimmed wheel for any wheelbarrow.

  • 4 ply tyres – 16x4.80/4.00-8 tyre with a thick, block tread.
  • Wide steel rim with rolled edge to care for the tyre over bumps and edges.
  • The butyl rubber inner tube holds pressure longer.
  • Large, free-running, high quality, precision sealed ball bearings.

Optional XP Wheel

  • 180kg capacity puncture proof NEVER FLAT PU tyre.


The following spare parts are available for a Tradesman Wheelbarrow:

Axle kit pic

Axle kit

Tray pic Tray
Bolt pack pic Bolt pack
Tyre pic Tyre
Hand grips pic Hand grips
Wheel pic Wheel and axel kit
Handle pic Handle
Puncture-proof wheel pic Puncture-proof wheel and axel kit
Inner tube pic Inner tube

To purchase your spare parts please see your local retailer.


5 year guarantee

Mr Wheelbarrow

"The Tradesman Wheelbarrow offers outstanding value for all trades. It's designed for New Zealanders and will last for decades."

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